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 The Shiba Inu breed is of growing popularity in the United kingdom due to their loveable, endearing but quirky nature, striking appearance of 4 colour variations, excellent size, clean nature and of course their popularity among internet lovers due to the sensation that is 'Doge'.


But is the breed really for you? If you are still unsure, why not come and visit the Japanese Shiba Inu stand at various pet shows throughout the UK. We are very lucky as a breed to have so many kind and caring breed representatives that in their spare time represent our fantastic breed.


Here you can meet, greet and touch respectively a number of Shibas in the flesh, read leaflets on the breed which are handed out at the stand. Ask questions and talk about the breed with a number of our different stand reps, which are experienced Shiba owners & breeders.


If you decide that the Shiba is in-fact your breed of choice. Finding a breeder is not an easy task which is why it is very important that you do the correct research and find the right one for you. We advise that you visit the Kennel Club Website for a full list of breeders for the Japanese Shiba Inu. And ensure that they are Club recommended or KC Assured Breeders & Glaucoma Eye Test before breeding their stock.


Some of our stands throughout the UK include



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