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The Japanese Shiba Inu Club Of Great Britain. Open Show. Sunday 27th October 2019.

It is always an honour to be invited to judge at a club show and this was no exception, it was a decent entry and I enjoyed my short time with you immensely. Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me and to all those that entered and for your sportsmanship.

PD 1. Bryan's, Marilouvale Golden Reef. Well grown with proportioned head, triangular with flat skull and muzzle tapering moderately, dark obliquely set eye and good pigment. Moderate neck into gently sloping shoulders. Straight legs into tight well knuckled feet. Depth to chest with moderately sprung ribcage and hindquarters to compliment fore. Moved soundly and sported a hard well prepared coat

JD 2 1st Bryans, Marilouvale Schwarzeneger, Balanced in outline with clean head, developed cheeks, good stop and flat skull with ears set just high enough. Moderate neck, sound limbs with depth to brisket, enough shape to ribcage and gentle tuck up. Level back with tail set high and carried well. Moderately defined hindquarters and an honest mover. 2nd. Roskell, Rahima Kingsmill. Slightly longer than height with resonable head. Just a little wide in front. Sound limbs and a steady mover.

PGD 3 1st. Mothersdale & Smeaton, Akai Hana Kichiro. Balanced in outline with head to compliment. Nothing overstated in construction. Well placed dark eye, good stop and triangular ears tilted just right. Withers just defined, Level back with firm well developed loin and high set tail. Moved well and the best in this class. 2nd. Best-Rawlings, Trixwood Vision Of Both Ways. Quite balanced in outline with typical head carried on gently crested neck of moderate length. Honest front assembly with decent topline and tail. Not the action of 1. Hard coat well presented. 3rd. Black, Casakura Harly Heritage For Zaandam.

LD 1. Dunhill-Hall, Vormund The Next Episode. 2 1/2 year old masculine lad sturdy without exaggeration or coarseness. Head of triangular shape with gently tapering muzzle, decent stop, skull flat with breadth and nicely tilted ears, dark well placed almond shaped eye and good pigment. Moderate shoulders with elbows held firm. Chest developed with enough shape to ribcage and level back. Can appear a tad square on the table but not so when asked to move which he does soundly and typically. Coat of texture and well turned out.

OD 9 (4) 1st. Bryan's, Marilouvale Mischief Maker. Typey 4 year old with a quality head and attributes. Moderate shoulders with developed chest, depth to brisket, moderately sprung ribcage with pleasing underline. Level back with decent tail set and carriage. Muscular hindquarters with gentle turn of stifle and a convincing mover, RBD. 2nd. Dunhill-Hall, Ch Vormund Sinister. Classy b/t very stylish and soundly built with well shaped attractive head and properties. Quality coat and markings with characteristic bow tie on chest. Parallel legs into tidy feet. Moved steady and sensibly handled. 3rd. Jackson & White, Lacsar Twix Up His Sleeve.

VD 5 (4) Roskell & Dunhill-Hall Ch Vormund Jean Paul Gaultier. Quality lad of 9 years. Sturdy and masculine with a touch of refinement. I liked his size and overall balance, he really looked the part which was borne out by hands on. Very typey he exudes breed virtues. Totally sound his action matched precisely the breed standard requirements. BD BV BIS.


PB 2 1st. Bryan's, Marilouvale Finding Dory. Development spot on for age, this lass is balanced with typical headpiece and attributes, expressive well placed dark eye. Clean front assembly with good legs and tidy feet. Withers are discernible and her topline is level with tail set high. Sound smart mover. BPIS. 2nd. Craig & Jones, Almolka I Predict A Riot. Feminine with a clean outline and close up. Attractive head carried on arched neck. Clean shoulders, moderately sprung ribcage and hindquarters to compliment fore. Moved well.

JB 4 1st. Dunhill-Hall, Vormund Black Widow. Very tidy b/t with impressive outline. Nice size, sturdy and feminine. Clean well laid out head with arched neck. Moderate angles fore and aft with moderately sprung ribs gentle tuck up, level back with short loin, high set and well carried tail. Light effortless action. She sported a quality coat and was presented to advantage, RBB. 2nd. Bryan's, Marilouvale Flashdance. Another pleasing b/t with quality head and everything in order. Her head is well proportioned and her body nicely balanced. Convincing sound movement. 3rd. Kopec, Natsumi Go Mukashibanashi.

NB 3 (2) Bryans, Marilouvale Barbie Girl. 9momths with head developing. Correct eye, flat skull. Enough reach to neck, elbows held firm, good legs and feet. Level back with short loin. Moved steady. Coat texture coming.

PGB 3 (1) 1st. Black, Trixwood Its A Kind Of Magic To Zaandam. Balanced outline, this lady is feminine with typical head and dark obliquely set almond eye, flat skull, ears could be a little higher. Clean neck with moderately defined shoulders and hindquarters to compliment. Decent topline to tail set which could be a little higher. Moved well. 2nd. Mothersdale, Amivike's I Am Raven. Sturdy and feminine white with a fairly balanced outline. Dark eye and good pigment. Moderate neck and forehand. Balanced body with firm topline and decent tailset. Moved steady.


LB 6 (3) Ellershaw, Shiomaru Benisa Among Galshan. Very attractive lady, sturdy, feminine and of appropriate size. Her crested neck carries a quality head with properties well distributed. Correct front assembly supported by parallel legs. Modestly sprung ribcage, level topline and reasonable tail set. Excellent action and typical. Quality hard coat. 2nd. Best-Rawlings, Casakura Precious Rhapsody Among Trixwood. Attractive and very showy with pleasing head type and carriage. Well constructed frame with moderate angles. Balanced outline. Moved just a little close behind. 3rd. Bryans, Marilouvale Queen Elsa.

OB 9 (3) 1st. Roskell, Lynn & Gadsby, Ch Rahima Queen Of Shiba With Afterglow. Very well constructed and totally honest. Proportioned head with attributes to suit. Her frame is beautifully constructed with nothing overdone enabling balanced outline. Level topline to high tailset. Best movement in this class being sound and light. Hard coat presented to advantage. BB BOS RBIS. 2nd. Bannister, Ch Janeryl's Moonshine Mabel. Feminine b/t very pretty and well balanced. Sturdy and well constructed. Nicely built with breed virtues clearly visible. Correct coat and condition. Moved steady. 3rd. Bryans, Marilouvale Making Mayhem.


VB 4 (2) 1st. Fitzakerly, Ch Bearpark Babushka. Impressive 12 year old she carries her age amazingly well. Quality headpiece and properties. She conveys a well balanced outline and didn't disappoint on examination, sound in all departments and a convincing mover. Shown in excellent condition. 2nd. Mothersdale, Amivike's Cos I'm Special. Also 12 and giving nothing away. Presents a clean balanced outline and is soundly built which was confirmed when required to move. Shown in grand condition. Both a credit to their owners.


Stuart Mallard.




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